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PingBot SMS - GPS Tracker

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The Where Are You? GPS Tracker (aka PingBot) listens for incoming SMS/Text messages looking for the keyword ping followed by your secret word. Once it receives the proper command, it returns a link with your current location to the sender. Simply install the PingBot SMS on your phone. Give people your secret word (you can change it any time you want if they abuse it). When they want to know where you are, rather than calling, they text you with a ping ("ping secretword") and they will receive back a map location of where you are. If your GPS is off, it will attempt to enable it, determine your location, send it back as a text message, then turn off your GPS again. Perfect when you dont want to drain your battery with GPS enabled constantly.
Unlike other mobile security products, PingBot SMS requires the least access your phone. It only requires the ability to receive SMS messages (to scan incoming messages for the ping and secret word), the ability to gather your GPS location, and then send it via SMS. There is no external service to sign up for; no need to visit a website to track a phone. No unnecessary battery drain from continuously transmitting your location, even when not needed.
Your settings allow you to decide when PingBot is enabled and listening, to turn on your GPS if off, and change your secret word.
How are people using PingBot SMS?
- Honey, where are you?- Have you left work yet?- Track your kids even when 3G isnt available (SMS is much more reliable)- Lost your phone, ping it!
Send yours location through Text Messaging. Easy to use, easy to setup. No ads! No spyware. Your location is ONLY sent to the sender who has your secret word. No external service to subscribe to.